Wood Fence Lexington KY

If you are looking to install a new wood fence Lexington KY, look nor further. We install top of the line wooden fences in the entire Lexington area. 

Our fencing contractors have high craftsmanship and care about their work. We are professional and it is no wonder that 9 out of 10 people choose use to install their wood fence. 

Wood fences are very popular in the Sacramento area. Chain link fences are the most popular, but for those who want a warmer feel and more privacy, getting a wood fence is a great choice.

We also provide wood fence repair if you aren’t looking to install a new fence. 

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Lexington KY Wood Fence Options

Wood fences come in lots of different fence styles. We can also provide lots of different wood customization options to fit your needs.

Custom Wood Fence Options

Let us help you pick a custom wood fence for your yard, or you can pick a traditional style to fit your needs.

We can find a solution for any style or budget.


Advantages of Wood

  • Increase property value
  • Affordable
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Endless paint and stain options
  • Customizations
  • Custom fence posts
  • And lots more . . .


Maintenance Requirements

Wood fencing needs protected from the elements, so it’s important to paint or stain it to protect the wood.

It’s equally important to install a wood fence using the right type of wood that can handle the elements.

Hard woods recommended for building a fence are cedar and pressure treated pine. 

Building a wood fence properly will ensure that it is easier to maintain over time. You will want to re stain or re paint as needed over the years to make sure your fence can continue to handle any weather condition.

Wood Fence Installation Cost

Wood fence pricing in Lexington KY can run between $19–$25 per linear foot depending on the project. Prices are most determined by:

  • Fence height and linear feet
  • Type of wood used
  • Fence style
  • Location
  • And more . . .

The best way to know what it will cost to instsall a wood fence at your Lexington property is to give us a call to schedule your FREE bid. 



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